Can’t stop, won’t stop.


Janelle currently teaches all across the United States, traveling with “Hollywood Dance Jamz” and “Showstoppers On Tour.” You can also find her in the video of the new hit single “YOGA” with Janelle Monae. She was recently featured in B-metro Magazine and in the Birmingham Magazine for her choreography and performance for St. Paul and the Broken Bones music video, “Call Me;” and check her out in the February issue of Dance Spirit Magazine, talking about “The Bellydance Difference.” Janelle recently choreographed and performed on a show called Super Dancer Born Tonight — a spin off of “So You Think You Can Dance” with Travis Wall, Melanie Moore, Tiffany Myers, Hokuto Konishi, and many more renowned choreographers. But her favorite location to teach and perform is in studios and with students who are excited to learn, take risks, and just go for it.

Janelle is freelanced all over the U.S. to work with a multitude of studios, groups, soloists, and exciting events each year. Her love for the art of choreography is clear when watching Janelle teach; she has a knack for creating original work, each piece unique and each style so different from the other. She also enjoys teaching her unique style of intermingling Classic Egyptian belly dance with other forms, which drives her to produce innovative, challenging works and always leave her students with a great experience. Janelle has become a pioneer in the commercial dance world, broadening the minds and limitations of those she teaches by bringing in her love for the art of Belly Dance and all that comes with it.

Talent & Teaching Resumes:

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