Janelle’s petite frame has not held her back from accomplishing some of her tallest dreams in the entertainment industry. She is a spunky, fun loving, American-Palestinian dancer, as well as a choreographer, teacher, actress, model, and nutritionist.

Born in Birmingham, Alabama, Janelle Issis has been performing since the age of 4. Studying belly dance as protégé to “Aziza of Birmingham”, and all other forms through various outlets including her BA in dance at the University of Alabama, she is best known for her contagious laugh and her sultry elegance on the hit U.S. version of “So You Think You Can Dance” Season 9 — the top 6th female finalist and first Belly Dancer ever to hit the show’s stage.





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It’s one simple change that will make the world of difference in your life. All I ask is that you take a moment for YOU. Each day we click on thousands of posts filled with nonsense, crazy stories, dogs gone wild, etc etc. Please take a moment and do something good for your health and longevity and share this with your family and loved ones. I have the privilege of being a nutritionist, heath advocate, distributor and athletic endorser of JuicePlus+, it’s time I use my knowledge to spread what I strongly believe in. A product that is simple, affordable, and is backed up by more research than any brand name nutritional product in the world!

I am beyond lucky to meet so many beautiful kids and young adults who share the same love and passion for athleticism but many times I see and feel that so many athletes and people in general treat their bodies like rubbish. Your body is a temple; you only get one, treat it like it’s the greatest gift on earth, an irreplaceable gift. Through my travels and teaching I am honored to meet many dancers throughout each year as well as their lovely parents and teachers and the one negative thing that keeps showing itself is the lack and care for these dancers bodies.

Dancing is what makes me incredibly happy and the fact that I get to give back in all my many jobs and explorations is a blessing while watching each kid light up when learning something new or accomplishing a goal. I know this because the same happens in me each day when I reach new physical and mental goals. I have been studying yoga for over 3 years now and it has inspired me to be more open, outgoing and to reach out; and now I feel the need to try to give back even more and helping young athletes by giving them the knowledge they need to feed their bodies. Extensive research shows Juice Plus reduces oxidative stress, reduces protein damage, decreases inflammation, supports a healthy immune system, supports healthier skin and gums, as well as supports cardiovascular wellness. These are just a few of its benefits, and unlike traditional vitamin supplements, JuicePlus+ contains naturally occurring phytonutrients from the fruits, vegetables and berries themselves. Real Food – Real Research – Real Benefits. Live Life To The Plus!

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